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Rat, Mice & Rodent Control Pretoria

If your home or commercial premises has become infested by rats, mice or other rodents, we can help. Having a rodent problem in Pretoria is a huge health hazard and can assist in the spread of infection and other disease; hence, this is not a problem you should ignore. If you notice Rats or Mice on or near your property, you should call a professional Rodent Control company in Pretoria to effectively deal with the issue fast. You may be subject to fines and or other serious consequences if your commercial premises have a rat problem or mice infestation on site.

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We are specialists in Rodent and Rat control in Pretoria and have over 20 years’ experience in dealing with all kinds of rodent issues. Whether you have a rat problem, mice in your kitchen or other pesky rodents on or near your property, call the professionals today and let us take care of the pest issue quickly and humanly.

Rats not only carry diseases but also bread very quickly! A female rat is cable of producing multiple offspring in very short space of time so what appears to be a harmless issue can quickly cascade into real problem! Our Rodent Control Pretoria specialists are fully trained in the art of detecting entry points and causes of Rat and Mice problems and will be able to effectively trap and set bait to control the issue fully and also minimize the same problem happening again and again. Rats are attracted to garbage, leftover food and damp conditions so it’s essential to keep a clean and tidy property both inside and out. For more information on Rat Control and Rodent Control Pretoria, call our team today on 010 500 4229 and we can quickly attend to your situation.

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