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Bird Control & Pigeon Proofing Pretoria

Although birds and pigeons are not directly dangerous to us, build-up of droppings and mess caused as a result of them can be. Bird droppings, like any faeces, can spread nasty bacteria to you and other people on the premises. Installing effective Pigeon Proofing Pretoria and other forms of Bird Control will successfully eliminate these pests from entering or nesting on your property.

Bird control Pretoria

If you discover a birds nest or you identify pigeons nesting or taking up large exposed areas, give us a call and we can successfully and humanly remove them. We don’t harm these birds, we simply remove them and install preventative methods to avoid them returning. Effective bird control Pretoria doesn’t cost the earth and can be completed in no time.

We deal with any Bird Control issues you may be expecting. The most common type is Pigeons as the mess they can cause can be vast and dangerous to health. Pigeon Proofing in Pretoria involves building cages or wire mesh netting to cover affected areas. Pigeon spikes can be placed on walls and roofs to avoid the birds landing in the first place. For a free assessment of your pest issues and to get some expert advice on our pigeon & bird control, simply get in touch today by calling 012 004 1816 or use the form to your left to request a call back.

Pigeon Proofing Pretoria