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Fly Control Pretoria

An outbreak of Flies within your home in Pretoria can be a real health hazard especially when exposed to food. Flies can spread illness and disease if not properly controlled so you need to get a handle on the situation as soon as one presents itself. Flies usually hatch from maggots which in turn, are usually caused by rotten food in a cupboard or pantry. Once an infestation has occurred, the problem can persist until professional extermination is provided.

Fly control Pretoria

Fly problems are difficult to control due to the fact that these little creatures move around, very quickly! Flying insects in particular need to be treated with a non-toxic fumigant and once the source of the issue has been identified, fly control Pretoria is a fairly quick and straight forward procedure. We will prevent Fly problems from reoccurring by placing fly traps and repellents in the problem areas and in commercial areas or food preparation areas, we are able to install UV fly zappers to control and prevent flies from being an issue.

Common types of flies include the house fly, fruit flies, Horn Flies, stable, horse and face flies. All of these flies can be controlled using the same techniques and although they don’t actually cause any immediate danger, they are a health risk and generally a pain! Contact us today for fast and professional fly control in Pretoria on 012 004 1816.

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