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Flea Control in Pretoria

Fleas are a common infestation within households that have pets. Fleas are wingless insects that jump from host to host and cause a slightly painful bite which leaves a reddish mark on the host. They are small and often hard to detect making it difficult to treat the problem. Thankfully, we are experts in Flea control Pretoria and have been dealing with all kinds of issues since our early days of operation nearly 30 years ago.

fleas control in pretoria

If you suspect you may have fleas invading your home, it’s important that both you and you pets are treated at the same time. Fleas in Pretoria bread very fast and can live for weeks without food. Therefore it’s important to eradicate them all at once. We can effectively treat your property for fleas and provide the best flea control Pretoria has to offer. Call the team today for a fast, effective solution to your flea problems today! Call 012 004 1816

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