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Original Post By John Commins

Pests can be a nuisance at the best of times and when they invade our homes and offices they leave a trail of destruction and unhealthy mess in their wake. Most people are familiar of the different types of common pest found in homes but the info graphic below gives a run down of what we commonly come across.

Infograph Pest Control Pretoria

Probably the most common invaders to our homes are cockroaches, flies and ants as they are always in hunt for food, left over garbage and other sources of nutrition. Its easy for these pests to breed quickly and in large numbers so what starts out as a small problem can quickly become a big one! Keeping a clean home and keeping garbage outside, away from your property in properly sealed bins will help to reduce the risk of these critters setting in the place. Next, rats and mice similarly will be on the hunt for food and thrive in dirty conditions. Bad hygiene and messy exterior properties can quickly find themselves with a large scale problem that can cause the spread of dangerous disease. Bird are a common nuisance also and they leave behind a mess that can too, be harmful to humans and pets if left untouched. Finally, the most destructive of all – the Termite! These little guys can literally eat there way through your home! Whatever the case might be, we are on hand as Pretoria’s leading pest exterminators to help and you should get in touch right away if you discover any of the above.

By John Commins

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