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Bee Control in Pretoria

The African Honey Bee is the most common type of bee found in Pretoria and can also be the most dangerous. There is documented evidence that these Bees can attack humans or pets with little or no provoking making them unpredictable and especially dangerous if not dealt with properly. As Bee Control Pretoria specialists, we can safely remove troublesome bees from your surroundings using eco-friendly and human methods to relive you of the problem and make your property safe once again.

Bee control in Pretoria

If you discover a bees nest in or around your property, do NOT approach it! Bees in Pretoria are dangerous, especially if you are allergic to the sting! CALL the area’s best and most renowned Bee Control Pretoria specialists to make a safe, accurate and cost effective elimination of the bees nest and avoid running into the same problems again further down the line.

Bee’s are essential to the environment and usually do not pose a problem, however, when provoked, the African bee has been known to attack randomly. Is essential to your safety that you call a professional pest controller to deal with the issue. We are well known experts in Bee control Pretoria and act fast to make your environment safe once again. Just give us a call on 012 004 1816 and let us do the rest.

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