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Eradicate Bed Begs for Good!

Firstly, Bed Bugs in Pretoria are virtually impossible to see and therefore impossible to treat with conventional methods. An expert exterminator or pest control professional is required for an accurate assessment and complete eradication of these annoying pests. You will know if you have been affected by bed bugs by a small bit mark which they leave. This is usually identified by a row of small red bites as the bed bugs feed on you whilst you’re asleep and often return to feed on the same areas after being disturbed by movement.

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Once you think you may have a bed bug problem in your home, it needs to be treated ASAP. Using strong vacuums and steam cleaners, we can target the source of the issue (usually your mattress) which will eliminate bed bugs in Pretoria and their eggs to help prevent future infestation.

Where bed bugs come from can never be determined exactly. The source is usually and undisturbed area or area which is infrequently cleaned. You need to make sure that you regularly vacuum your mattress to help prevent the issue but when you need to determine a Bed Bug Control Pretoria issue, call our professionals on 012 004 1816 – we will make an accurate assessment and provide an effective solution and treatment to your issue immediately.

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