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We are specialists for Ant Control in Pretoria and have been dealing with all problems both large and small for over 30 years and offer you the very best in Ant control services. Ants can be a real pain, not to mention the health implications they can oppose so, if you discover a nest or think you may have a serious ant issue, call us today and let one of our experts professionally assess your situation and determine an affective course of action to avoid the nest becoming bigger and your issue escalating.

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Ants can be attracted to a number of different sources from food and garbage through to protein and once they have identified a hot spot, they can accumulate into colonies of up to 50,000 at a time and can destroy your kitchen, outside paving or garden within days making control of the situation quickly an imperative part to stopping a longer term problem. Some ants are attracted to food whilst others are attracted to dead animals and left over from you garbage. Ants generally live for around 45-60 days whist queen ants can live for up to 30 years in optimal conditions!

If you thing you may have an Ant problem, you should call us as soon as you discover it. Our experts in pest management and Ant Control Pretoria will assess your situation and provide the best methods to eliminate and eradicate ants in your home or office for good as well as providing preventative methods to avoid a repeat issue. Call our team in Ant Control today on 012 004 1816

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