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Pest Control Pretoria City Centre

Driven by our passion for work and a mission to keep every home in Pretoria pest free, we have invested in modern, effective pest control services. Having been in operation for over 40 years, our experienced staff is more than capable of solving any pest control and extermination issues. Our pest control Pretoria city centre service aims to improve the quality of life of our clients by keeping these unhygienic creatures from their homes. We not only render our services in homes but also provide fumigation for offices and restaurants among many other places.

Pest control Pretoria City Centre

Pretoria city centre pest control has been on the forefront in the fight against mass infestation of pests. In this regard, we have tailored our services to include the latest quality termite control and pest extermination methods such as heat treatments, fumigation, visual inspections and canine unit inspection for bedbugs. When dealing with interior sections of buildings, we use gel baits, monitor traps and bait reservoirs while exterior sections of the house call for eco-friendly methods such as no-repellent insecticides and granular baits.

Fumigation Pretoria City Centre

Whether you know, or you are not sure of what is bugging your home, you need to contact us today. Our qualified team of exterminators are fully trained to use different bug treatments and methodologies to counter pest infestations. We are the industry leader in pest eradication, and our services leave your home safe and healthy. If you want protection against ants, large cockroach infestations, lice, bedbugs, bees, rodents, spiders and beetles, our pest control in Pretoria city centre services have an immediate solution.